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Going Green

May 2nd was a chilly morning and just another day of school for most. But when students began to shuffle in, they noticed something different about the campus that day; it was bright green. No, the grass had not bloomed overnight, it was, in fact, the 65+ Lyme bikes seniors had “borrowed” from the towns of Belmont, Watertown, and Arlington. This creative and witty prank had even some of the toughest teachers laughing while walking to class, as many had to take slight detours just to make their way around the bikes. That was not all though, as hordes of seniors flocked out of the Science and Melvoin buildings, eager to take their new rides for a glory lap around the Jordan track.

While this was all good and fun, it was nothing though compared to the trouble it would cause at cookies and milk. Much to students’ surprise, two heavily armed patrol cars pulled up right next to where cookies were being served and took the infamous Andy “Lockbreaker” Hart into custody. As many students gawked in awe, and Mr. Grant vainly attempted to control the scene, Hart was violent shoved into a patrol car and taken away…but not before a “FREE HART” chant rose from the crowd. As it dawned on the crowd that this was a masterful hoax, students asked class president Shane Rocket how they managed to pull this off.  He enigmatically replied, “A good magician never reveals his tricks” before vanishing into a cloud of mist. While nobody really knows how the seniors got this incredible stunt off, it’s easily one of the best pranks the senior class has ever engineered. Or… was it a prank at all?

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