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Gospel Choir Performs in Chapel

The chapel illuminated as the voices of sixty people rang out, melodically conjoining, creating a euphoric sense of harmony. A bass guitar’s silky rhythm set an underlying beat, as a keyboard and drum filled the gaps in the singing. The instruments and the vocalists are brought together by a singular man conducting the assemble, Mr. Patterson. With his arms flying up and down, and head bobbing up and down with the music, Brother P diligently led the B-Flats and gospel choir in song. He cued in the tenors, who had the melody, followed by the baritones. Building more layers of harmony he added the basses and finally the sopranos. Each performer wore a solid-colored shirt, lighting up the stage, and bringing a rainbow to Hamilton Chapel. Brother P threw up his arms one more time, cuing the end of the last song, and the chapel erupted in applause. 

The gospel chapel held during community block was an opportunity for students and faculty to see into a genre of music that, to many, is not very well known. Gospel music is a traditional form of Christian music, often times referencing parts of the Bible and significant figures in the Christian religion. The B-Flats performed in the show, along with Brother P’s choir from his own church, Joyful Voices of Inspiration, and over 70 members of other local choirs. The event showcased many different styles of gospel music, incorporating a variety of backgrounds from the instruments and overall flow from different time periods. In all, the merged group performed six pieces: “Encourage My Soul,” “We Shall Overcome,” “I Have A Dream,” “I Open My Mouth to the Lord,” “Oh Happy Day,” and “Glory” (from Selma). Each had its own layering of voices and brought forth the true uplifting nature of gospel music. The performance was well received and The Panel commends the B-Flat and choir.

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