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Mr. Holland Heads to Grad School

Having spent a decade of his life working in the Belmont Hill community, Mr. Holland will be taking the 2020-2021 school year off on sabbatical. The Panel would also like to wish Mr. Holland and his family a sincere congratulations on the birth of his new baby a few weeks ago. During his year off, Mr. Holland will attend a graduate program at UPenn with a focus on educational entrepreneurship as well as spend time with his family. Most of his coursework will be completed remotely, so he will soon experience virtual learning from another perspective. Over his years at Belmont Hill, Mr. Holland has been known as an asset in the History classroom, most recently teaching Form I Greek and Roman History as well as the Facing History senior elective. On the other side of campus, he has successfully coached Varsity Soccer and Third Track and Field throughout his tenure. Furthermore, his work as an Associate Director of Admissions will surely be missed across campus. Mr. Carr says that “replacing Mr. Holland in the admission office will be nearly impossible.” The team has hired two new associates, Mr. Rosser and Mr. Ekhator, to help fill the gap. Mr. Holland has focused on incoming First Formers in his role, and Mr. Carr says that “he connects so well to the incoming [group] and their families.” As he prepares for some time away from the school, Mr. Holland says that he will miss the “energy and the enthusiasm of coming to campus every day.” He adds that he is “really going to miss the fall soccer season” and “the chance to be with those guys every day.” As he will remain local throughout most of the thirteen month program, he hopes “to catch a few games from the sidelines.” The Panel wishes Mr. Holland the best of luck next year and hopes he enjoys his family and grad school!

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