Increased Discussions on Campus about Current Issues

This year has undoubtedly been one of stress, high tensions, and conflict. On campus, we as a community witness firsthand the effects of the world around us, with masks being mandatory and social distance becoming the new normal. Political and social unrest has forced us to rethink our societal tendencies and reform our governing institutions in order to provide a better country for everyone. 

Due to COVID-19, the past few months have given ample opportunities for discussions and reflection that otherwise would have been lost between the busy schedules and lives of Belmont Hill students. On campus, every day, there are opportunities to learn something new during the modified lunch-advising period, and this is a time of the day that is important and should be leaned into with focus and an open mind. To some, these difficult discussions about current problems with society may seem pointless, but this is not the case. Belmont Hill’s mission is to mold men of good character, and by having talks amongst our peers and teachers, the school creates an environment in which there is opportunity to learn and change preconceived notions that some may have. As Ms. Zener suggests, “education is important, school is about exploring, going into uncharted territory, and being exposed to new ideas and skills.” Belmont Hill has clearly made a point of having more learning opportunities on campus, something which is necessary and should be continued even after COVID-19 becomes old news.

It’s important to be able to recognize your perspective on life because everyone is different, and by seeing someone else, you realize that the world around you may not be what you thought it was. Looking at life through a different lens gives an opportunity for sympathy and understanding of other people’s differences, something that everyone could use a little more during these difficult times. By exploring different ideas, you’re also learning more about yourself and how you fit into the world, how your ideas contradict with others’, and how to be more open to outside perspectives. This year, Belmont Hill has done an amazing job of creating a time during the day where all of these things can happen, and it’s now our responsibility as students to be active and not brush these discussions off as being obsolete. They do have a purpose, otherwise we wouldn’t be having them every day. As this year progresses, and when next year starts, it will be important for Belmont Hill to have the same energy they do this year in terms of fostering opportunities to learn and discuss. If Belmont Hill is seriously involved with issues pertaining to our society, we should expect to see similar activities in varying degrees this year, and for years to come. This will not only aid the school in completing their mission of making men of character, but will also keep students updated on topics and issues that they should care about. I urge new students, quiet students, athletic and academic students, and all students in between to find a voice in these talks, you may be surprised at what you learn about yourself or someone else. 


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