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Is Fantasy Football a Waste of Time?

Fantasy football is elegantly entwined with one of the greatest American pastimes, football. The National Football League dates back decades and has been at the heart of millions of Americans. Americans’ love for football has mostly transferred into fantasy football. Every Sunday tens of millions of people across the United States tune in to CBS, Fox, ESPN, and NFL Red zone to watch the new slate of NFL games. Just last season the NFL averaged 17.1 million, viewers, for every game. Before the invention of fantasy football, once you finished watching your favorite team’s game you would then watch games that might be interesting but might not be. With Fantasy football once your favorite team’s game is done you then have a flurry of new games to care about because of who is on your fantasy team.

Fantasy football adds a new layer of entertainment on Sunday. Fantasy football creates a new interest in the games that do not include your favorite teams because you now have a deep concern for how the players on your fantasy team are doing. Not only this but fantasy football is an excellent way to foster friendships that can last a lifetime.

But to truly answer the question whether fantasy football is a waste of time you must first break down the time usage for fantasy football. The first major event of the fantasy football season is the draft. Now sure the draft does take up a few hours of time but since fantasy football starts in the early fall most drafts take place during the summer when free time is at a premium. After the draft, the only major events that take place are simply setting your lineup and adding players on waivers. This takes a minuscule amount of time and can be completely foregone by those players who choose to exert no energy. If you spent your time drafting well then there is no need to spend time making trades with inferior teams. In summary, fantasy football is a lovely American pastime that should be enjoyed and cherished, and the time spent on fantasy football by even the most committed of players is not enough to warrant such a label as a waste of time.


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