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January Meal of the Month

Another month has passed, a new year has started, and the Belmont Hill kitchen staff has continued pumping out lunches every day. In this edition of Meals of the Month, we take a retrospective look at the meals of December and January. These months have had ups and downs, but lunches continually impress us, as this month, the highest-ever average score has been recorded for lunches. 7.47/10.. What stood out to us and students this year was the…meal/description/quotes…

The FLIK team’s December and January creations wowed students with their array of flavors and dishes, yielding an impressive meal rating of 7.47 out of 10 for all entrees served. This score, the highest out of all other month’s ratings, comes from meals like the December 5 Chicken & Andouille Gumbo and the more recent Spicy Lo Mein (January 8th) – both serious contenders for Meal of the Month. However, the BBQ Braised Brisket took away the trophy as the two months’ best meal of December and January. Served on the 11th of December, the Brisket was a fan favorite among many students described as “palatable” and “luscious” by peers. The lunch consisted of tender yet juicy and rich meat complemented by a messy but tasty sauce. Served on the side were kidney beans – a sweet and flavorful bite –  along with brussel sprouts. The components that bolstered the enjoyment of this meal derived from the simplicity with which it was served; the sides were not in abundance and did not distract tasters from enjoying their entrees.

The December-January desserts were solid – the average score, although on the lower end of our past ratings for dessert, was a respectable 6.98. Past dessert winners such as the M&M Brownie and Double Dark Chocolate Brownie both made appearances and were once again accepted with giant smiles by Belmont Hill boys. Nearly every single brownie that was given to students for dessert – ranging from peppermint to rainbow – ranked highly on our ratings. Perhaps in the future, an increase in the amount of brownies would allow students to enjoy the desserts even more. Ultimately, the Cinnamon Rolls served on December 6th were rated the highest: a 9 and 9.5 out of 10. The Rolls had a sugary-rich topping coated on top of the rolls, providing students with a satisfying crunch and utmost joy. Moreover, the dessert was very flavorful and maintained a nice crunch.

That said, this month’s offerings could have been better. Five dishes were ranked as 4 or below by our official reviewers; this is a record discrepancy. The consistency could be partially excused by winter break and having to come back for the New Year, but we view it as a disappointing observation. Upon further investigation into this, multiple students have admitted that the menu is too exotic and Tmaws is “doing too much.” For these reasons, we hope there is change going into the second semester. We yearn for the days of “the Rooster” chicken sandwich and buffalo tenders from last year. Perhaps the Food Committee should begin to reach out to students more frequently so that Tony Maws and the FLIK staff can better satisfy their desires. For now, if members of the community wish to express their own thoughts and opinions, they can head on over to the “Dining Menus” tab on the Belmont Hill Veracross. 

Overall, the months of December and January were filled with cherished delicacies for many students. Hopefully similar successful patterns of the past can be replicated in the future to create an even better experience for the students. Onwards to a new month of delicacies!

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