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Debate of the Issue: Chocolate

While some people argue that everyone is entitled to their opinion, in the case of the chocolate vs. vanilla, there is only one correct opinion. Plain and simple. The clear answer for this outrageous debate is chocolate. There’s not even a doubt in my mind. A person’s stance on chocolate vs. vanilla certainly says a lot about that individual, where those that are pro-chocolate tend to make good decisions in life and enjoy taking educated risks (that has been proven by scientists, look it up). On the other hand, Google defines the word vanilla as “having no special or extra features: standard or ordinary.” Now I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love when the foods that I eat contain lots and lots of “standard” with a touch of “ordinary” (just kidding, that sounds terrible). For those who still need convincing, I feel that it is important to list the abundance of tasty and financially successful brands of food that contain chocolate, as well as describe the rich taste that has made chocolate a Hall-of-Fame-caliber flavor.

There are certainly many types of foods that allow people to choose between vanilla and chocolate, the main examples being cupcakes, birthday cakes, pudding, and ice cream. I distinctly remember going to a kids birthday party back in elementary school, and thinking, “Yikes…This kid has a vanilla cake. Well, the friendship was fun while it lasted…” True story. Chocolate birthday cakes are simply rich in taste in comparison to the vanilla cakes, and the same is true for cupcakes. I mean, I’ve been on this Earth for 16 years, and I still don’t really know where vanilla comes from. Is it a bean like chocolate? Does one grow vanilla? If so, how does one grow vanilla?  I would look it up, but I don’t feel that such a boring flavor deserves my time. Speaking of boring flavors, vanilla pudding is a dishonor to the pudding game, and I am simply unable to understand the thought process behind buying vanilla pudding over chocolate, especially when chocolate pudding tastes as good as it does.

Chocolate has also made a name for itself in the candy industry, where chocolate has singlehandedly allowed for the creation of incredible chocolate bars like Crunch, Snickers, and 3 Musketeers. I almost feel bad for the candy companies that try and sell vanilla forms of their product, such as golden Oreos (yikes). Plus, one can eat chocolate in liquid form (hot chocolate), syrup form, cookie form, chip form, and even mousse form. Vanilla simply can not keep up with chocolate’s ability to cover all of the different spectrums for food.  Chocolate’s versatility and overall taste quality creates a well-rounded flavor that is clearly superior to that of vanilla. Debate over.

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