Looking Forward to the Head of The Charles Regatta

n October 22, the largest multi day rowing regatta will take place on the Charles River. This annual event has attracted thousands of spectators every year, having been founded in 1965 and usually hosts almost 11,000 athletes. In the 61 events, some of the best crews in the world race the three-mile course at blistering speeds. The event is home to festivities, food, and the experience of a lifetime. The start line is adjacent to the Boston University DeWolfe Boathouse and ends only a few hundred meters past the Belmont Hill boathouse, which is one of the best viewing areas. At the race, during which Belmont Hill’s boats will race on Sunday, the Alumni House will provide refreshments, giving spectators a wonderful experience and a waterfront view of the race from the Belmont Hill dock. Although Belmont Hill typically competes in this world-renowned event, this year we were fortunate to register three boats; a four, an eight, and a quad. This one-of-a-kind race is spectacular to watch, and the Belmont Hill boathouse is prime real estate in terms of viewing angles. The event is free-to-watch for all Belmont Hill families, so on October 24th, be sure to come down to the Belmont Hill boathouse on the Charles River and prepare to witness some incredible races on the water.


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