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Lost Covid Tests

As we all know, the week we came back from a long and restful Winter break, the Broad Institute, who was in charge of our Covid-19 tests, somehow managed to lose all of our Covid tests.  Although I recognize that providing and getting results of individual PCR covid tests for over 600 students and faculty is not easy, I and many other students believe it was a major mistake. When I asked Kevin Weldon 24’ about his opinions on the lost tests, he stated, “this is super unprofessional and uncool.”  This is primarily a major issue not only because the Broad Institute lost the tests, but also because of the timing of the incident.  If it were any other week, it would not have been a major problem; however, due to the fact that it was the first test after Winter break, and since we have no knowledge of who could have been exposed or contracted the virus during the two-week break, this makes losing the first tests a major problem.  Since the results were delayed one week, it could have been a major health and safety issue, as the virus could have easily spread in the week we were together with no results.  Luckily, there were not too many cases reported after we finally got our results back; however, this incident was still unprofessional, and, under worse circumstances, could have led to a spreader event throughout Belmont Hill and its community.  Although we did not receive many positive cases, I still believe that Belmont Hill and the Broad Institute should strive to clear up any future miscommunications and issues to make sure that a problem like this one does not happen again.

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