Luke Travaglini ’24 Elected School President for 2023-24 School Year

Leading the school in Belmont Hill’s 101st academic year will be recently elected president Luke Travaglini. Luke is ready to lead the student body into its next century.
Since his entry to the school in the First Form, Travaglini has been one of his class’s most distinguished leaders. He has worked hard to create lasting relationships with as many classmates as possible. This past year, he’s served as Form V’s class president, representing in the senate his classmates thoughtfully and respectfully, along with working with other Form V political office members. He works hard to listen to everyone in order to determine what the grade wants and how to best seek those goals to help the greatest amount of people. Luke has led many successful initiatives such as grade wide  dodgeball and tug-of-war tournaments. Through these tournaments along with other grade-wide activities, Luke has tried to accomadate all members of the grade while providing moments of recreational competition and fun in what otherwise may be a stressful school day, filled with tests and homework. On the athletic side, Luke has proven his leadership skills as well, being elected by his teammates to be one of the captains of the football team next season.
Luke has many aspirations for the Belmont Hill student body next year, focused mainly on giving back to the brotherhood has helped him grow as both a person and a leader, “My goal as school president is to help fostetr a supportive community that strives to achieve  the level of excellence that Belmont Hill prides itself on. I’m excited for the opportunity to give back to the community that has given so much to me over the past five years.”
Next year will be a  signigicant year for Belmont Hill as the school proceeds after celebrating its Centennial. The student body of Belmont Hill will be in good hands the leadership of Luke Travaglini.
The Panel  conglatulates Luke for his recent election as school president and looks forward to the many accomplishments he and entire Belmont Hill community will achieve next year!

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