MAP/SAFE Breakfast Engages Students, Alumni, and Faculty

On January 5th, students, alumni, and faculty met for the annual MAP (Multicultural Alumni Partnership)/SAFE(Students Actively Fostering Equality) breakfast, one of the many events run by the Alumni office to facilitate conversation around key diversity and community issues. With one of the larger turnouts in recent years, the breakfast acted as a bridge of communication by exposing current students to new perspectives and conversely reacquainting faculty and alumni with the experiences of a Belmont Hill student. Throughout the morning, Mr. Collins, a leader within MAP and a faculty advisor of SAFE, posed thoughtful questions about the Belmont Hill community that challenged each participant to reflect and share their ideas with the group. The questions often challenged participants to think on their feet and communicate their ideas with their partners. While at times conversation seemed to gravitate towards national affairs and politics, especially in reflection of the tumultuous and divisive presidential campaign season, participants found comfort in reconnecting with the Belmont Hill community by recounting school-wide traditions and personal anecdotes. The MAP/SAFE Breakfast has continually been a highlight for students interested in reconnecting with alumni, and the discussion can always benefit from new voices!

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