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Moronta: A History of Excellence

After 7 years of excellence as a teacher, coach, and admissions officer, cherished faculty member Mr. Moronta leaves Belmont Hill School to take the helm as Associate Director of Admissions and the Director of Squash at Tabor Academy, his alma mater. Playing on various varsity sports including squash and baseball at Tabor, Mr. Moronta pursued this passion and love for these games at Belmont Hill School, as head coach of the JV squash for three years and 8th-grade baseball head coach for four years. Serving as a director of the Belmont Hill dorms for five years, Mr. Moronta oversaw the many boarders throughout the years and formed personal connections with many students. Fifth former Luca Foschi Walko commented, “Mr. Moronta has been a great person not only to talk to, but also helped me adjust myself into the Belmont Hill community during my first year here at this school.” In addition, Mr. Moronta taught Algebra 1 and Spanish 1 throughout his years on the Hill. Known for his exemplary service on the field, the courts, in the dorms and in the classroom, Mr. Moronta nevertheless devoted most of his time to his primary job in the admissions office. Mr. Moronta’s wide-ranging talents, congeniality, and commitment to excellence, exemplify the qualities that Belmont Hill strives for in our faculty.

Although his departure will be hard-felt, Mr. Moronta heads to a position that offers him further opportunities to grow as a coach and that is far closer to his family, enabling him to return home to his young family every school night, instead of only on the weekends. Though seven years of work-week separation from his wife and daughters has been difficult, Mr. Moronta has no regrets about the time he spent here at Belmont Hill School. Close matches at High School Nationals for the Squash Varsity team, interaction with a diverse range of colleagues and students, including boys from varied racial and ethnic backgrounds and differing interests in athletics. When asked about his time here at this school, Mr. Moronta remarks, “As soon as I walked on campus, I wanted to teach here. I fell in love with the faculty and the community. It was a moment of pride when given the opportunity to be a part of the Belmont Hill Community. My time here was an honor.”

Mr. Moronta will be remembered as a passionate member of the Belmont Hill community by every student and faculty member. Through his presence on the squash courts, on the field, in the classroom, and in our hearts, we wish Mr. Moronta all the best on his new adventures at Tabor and at home.

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