BH Raises Almost $500 in Movember Tradition

As the winter began to encroach on our warm weather, Belmont Hill students desperately searched for ideas to keep their upper lips warm in a school unfairly biased against facial hair. It was then that the hero this school needed, Callen Morris, appeared to grant the students the salvation they deserved. Movember – a global charity that began in Australia in 2003 – has become a Belmont HIll annual community service rite of passage. During November, students raise awareness and money for the Movember Foundation which uses the funds to address issues that affect men’s health such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, poor mental health, and physical inactivity. The school was able to raise $490 for the Movember Foundation.

Callen Morris has recounted the story of the month in the following tale:

On October 31st, the night before November (32nd does not exist), I was visited by a ghost. Being Halloween, I double-checked to make sure it was not a man in a costume. It was not. It was the ghost of Movember. He said no words and even if he tried, his impressive mustache blocked his mouth so any words spoken would go unseen and would be murmured. The ghost simply looked at me, held my Gillette (“The Best a Man Can Get”™) razor in the air, snapped it in half, and gave me a nod. It was destiny. I woke up the next day with a purpose– to lead the best Movember Belmont Hill has ever seen. I had faith in the upper school. I knew we could raise money for the great cause and have a great time doing so. And we did just that. We raised $490 (school record!) and gave Belmont Hill the gift of mustaches on campus (sorry admissions!). In closing, I would like to thank everyone who participated and donated and I mustache everyone to continue the tradition next year! It truly was a month to remember.

Now moving into December, any leftover mustaches can be accompanied by a full beard in the beard off for $10. All funds will go to Globe Santa to give books and presents to children in need in the greater Boston area.

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