Movember 2016 Raises Awareness for Men’s Health

This November Peter Tamasi ’17 and John Sommers ’17 led the Movember contest at Belmont Hill. This is a contest where students pay $10 dollars to be able to grow the best mustache they can muster up. These donations go to the Movember foundation which funds research that searches for cures for Prostate Cancer, Testicular Cancer and any other diseases that affect men. At the end of the month the Belmont Hill Movember representatives (Peter Tamasi and John Sommers) award prizes. The accolades were:

Golden State Award (Biggest lead blown): William Stonestreet ’17

Rookie of the Year Award: Joe Goguen ’19 and Brodie Rayment ’19

Biggest Disappointment Award: John Sommers ’17

Invisible Mustache Award: Ugo Anyounyemere ’18

Harlich Men Award: Mr. Curran

Good Effort Good Try Award: David Conforti ’17 and Peter Tamasi ’17

Mid-Life Crisis Award: Patrick Shea ’17

Downright Best Mustache in the School: Mr. Schneider

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