Mr. Bradley’s Form I Class Wins 2018 Greek and Roman Field Day

This past Tuesday, Form I history classes competed against one another in the annual Belmont Hill Greek & Roman Field Day. The day began with orations, followed by athletic contests and the Quizbowl, and culminated in the highly-anticipated chariot race. Mr. Bradley’s class dominated in the most prominent aspects of the competition, winning both the Quizbowl and the chariot race. Due to their intensive X-Block study sessions and preparation for the events, Mr. Bradley’s class cruised to victory with ease. Hopefully, the day was memorable for all Belmont Hill students who took part. It was great to see so many students come out to watch their younger peers represent their former history teachers. This tradition is one of the greats at Belmont Hill, and, hopefully, it is here to stay. Among the hectic month of May, the Greek & Roman Field Day was an amazing morale booster for all members of the school.

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