A Successful Internship for Mr. Davis ’07

Mr. Andrew Davis ‘07 is leaving Belmont Hill following a successful one-year teaching internship. Teaching Latin Alpha and Woodworking, coaching JV hockey and Third Baseball, and holding the position of Assistant Athletic Director, Mr. Davis has gathered a loyal following on campus in his short time.

In 2012, Mr. Davis received a call from Mr. Tahan regarding an opening in the hockey program. After a year playing in a German professional league, where he coached the youth program of his club, Mr. Davis was eager to continue his coaching career and signed on with the JV hockey team under Head Coach Smith, whom Mr. Davis succeeded after two years.

During his time on the Hill as a student, Mr. Davis shined athletically, playing hockey in the winter, both football and cross country in the fall, and, at different points, baseball, crew, and lacrosse in the spring. He also prospered in the classroom, under teaching from Mr. Gallagher and Mr. Richards in particular, and fell in love with Latin. After graduating from Belmont Hill, Mr. Davis went on to Tufts, where he played hockey and majored in Classics. Today at Belmont Hill, Mr. Davis participates in the very same activities in which he once thrived as a student, both coaching hockey players who mirror his younger self and trying to instill a passion for Latin in the youngest students.

Asked why he returned to Belmont Hill, Mr. Davis responded, “It’s the best place. Why would you want to teach anywhere else? All the students and teachers are great people and enjoy it. It’s fun everyday and a great environment to be in.” Knowing what it is like to sit through a class of Latin Alpha as a member of the First Form, Mr. Davis has tried to craft a more entertaining method of teaching. For instance, Latin Baseball, invented by Mr. Davis, is a game that ties Latin vocabulary into a fun game which encourages the younger students to memorize vocabulary.

As a woodworking teacher, Mr. Davis spent much of his time in the woodshop helping seniors craft their panels.  “It’s fun to bounce around and work on each panel and see how each senior is leaving their mark on the school,” he said.

The Belmont Hill community hopes Mr. Davis can soon return to campus to continue his love of teaching and coaching.

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