Mr. Feldman Takes Year-Long Sabbatical

After 20 years of teaching, including 11 years at Belmont Hill, Mr. Feldman will be taking the first sabbatical of his career so he can spend more time with his family. “The opportunity to spend such quality concentrated time at home with my family is rare, and I look forward to doing just that. Plus, my children are ready for Linear Algebra and I want to be the one to teach them.”

Though he only taught me for one year, Mr. Feldman has had an impressive impact on my interest in Mathematics. Every day, Mr. Feldman would come into class with a big cup of coffee, which he would inevitably refill in the middle of class, and start teaching. Through his sly remarks, “I’m sure that’s just a coincidence,” witty humor, and clear love for math, Mr. Feldman brings the subject to life, ensuring every class is interesting and fun. But even better are “purple days,” when Mr. Feldman would switch the Promethean Board color to purple, and start exploring some of the intricacies of higher math, and, the best part, the students wouldn’t be responsible for knowing it on the next test. Purple days have heightened my interest in “post-BC Calculus” math, and also always provided a nice break in the middle of often hectic days. Finally, there are also his stories, of which he has many. Whether he’s talking about skydiving, his trip to Australia, or anything else, he has many very interesting tales to tell!

Though I’m quite sad I won’t have the pleasure of having Mr. Feldman next year, we would like to wish him best of luck on his sabbatical!

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