Mr. Gilmore To Teach at Catholic Memorial

Having completed his one year teaching fellowship at Belmont Hill, Mr. Gilmore departs to continue in independent school education. A recent graduate of Harvard College with a degree in Sociology and African American studies, he was a strong addition to the school’s history department and an asset on the field as an assistant varsity Football coach. Mr. Gilmore recalls an abundance of fond memories and life lessons learned at Belmont Hill, and attributes them to the mentorship he received within the school and the students with whom he interacted on a variety of fronts. He attributes his joining of the Belmont Hill community to Mr. Butler, who facilitated his transition to the school and began a list of strong mentors inside and outside the classroom. Remembering the lead up to his first day of school, Mr. Gilmore says he “spent a lot of time thinking about that moment,” and he “was so happy on the first day of school… knowing that I get to do it all again tomorrow.” 

During his season coaching this past fall, Mr. Gilmore brought his experience playing at Milton Academy and Harvard, as well as a drive to inspire his players. A highlight for him was the game against undefeated BBN in October. As the defensive line coach, much preparation went into the day, and he says “what was really fun for me to watch was that we were just tougher that game. It was the look in our teams eyes that losing is not an option right now.” And his line performed extremely well, helping to secure the team’s victory on BBN’s Russell Field. This game not only showed the character of the team, but represented a larger message about the Belmont Hill community that Mr. Gilmore observed.

As a proud graduate of Milton Academy, coming to work at Belmont Hill carried many assumptions about the school. But after spending a year within the community, Mr. Gilmore attests that he is “thoroughly impressed with Belmont Hill as an institution” identifying “great teachers, great administrators, great resources, and a lot of people who care,” among pillars for its strength. He comments that he will miss the “vibe of brotherhood and camaraderie that is really remarkable.” In addition, he will remember the students that he says make Belmont Hill so great, specifically those he advised, taught, and interacted with during his time at the school. “It’s the small moments,” he says, like “walking between classes” that really make the experience. 

Looking ahead to next year, Mr. Gilmore plans to continue in education at Catholic Memorial School, teaching seventh and possibly tenth grade history, and coaching varsity Football. Belmont Hill will certainly miss his addition to our community this year, from the classroom to the field, and everywhere in between. The Panel wishes him the best as he continues his career, thank you Mr. Gilmore!

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