Mr. Glor ’11 Joins Science Department

Mr. Glor ‘11 was a jack of all trades during his six years at Belmont Hill; he won 10 varsity letters including 3 in football, 3 in basketball, and 4 in golf.  He graduated as a member of the Cum Laude Society, and then went on to play football for four years at Georgetown.  Now, he finds himself back at the school which gave him “the best six years” of his entire life.  He says that people usually come up to him and ask if it’s “weird” being back, to which he replies, “No, not at all.”  He is a Form I Science Teacher during the academic day, and “tries to mix in a little humor to keep everyone on their toes.”  However, his favorite part of teaching, although he’s been back for only been two weeks, has been “getting to know each boy individually, because each one is a little bit different than the other.”  Mr. Glor also said that the small class sizes are “what make Belmont Hill the place that it is.  The relationships that you guys have with your teachers here are unmatched.”  

“The biggest lesson I have learned through my time at Belmont Hill is to always be prepared”

An assistant coach for the Varsity Football team, Mr. Glor loves working alongside Coach Butler, his former defensive coach.  He added: “It’s a lot of fun going from a seventh grade classroom, and then going down to the football field with the Upper Schoolers.  It helps me to get to know a wide spectrum of boys.”  With a couple of Division 1 bound football players on Belmont Hill’s team already, Mr. Glor says, “I think I bring something new to the table.  I try to bring lots of energy to practice, and the boys seem to be receptive to that. Having played at the college level, I try to share the little tips that I learned after high school.”  

“The biggest lesson I have learned through my time at Belmont Hill and as a collegiate athlete,” Mr. Glor says, “Is to always be prepared.  Whether that be for teaching a class or coaching, you always have to be prepared.  It is simple, but it definitely goes a long way.”  

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