Mr. O’Connell Returns to Belmont Hill

Mr. O’Connell, a Graduate of Belmont Hill in 2017 has returned to Belmont Hill. Mr. O’Connell grew up in Andover, Massachusetts and attended the Pike School in Andover before coming to Belmont Hill beginning in Form III. During his time at Belmont Hill, Mr. O’Connell played hockey and baseball and was a member of the Debate Club and Student Senate. After graduating from Belmont Hill, Mr. O’Connell attended Bowdoin College, where he played baseball and majored in Government and Legal Studies. 

In his free time, Mr. O’Connell enjoys cycling and spending time with his two dogs, Lulu and Watson. Mr. O’Connell will be teaching Latin Alpha, Latin Gamma, and US Government. He is currently the head coach of Fifth Soccer, and will be coaching Third Hockey in the winter. In addition, Mr. O’Connell is co-advising for Form II.

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