Mr. Ryan ’17 Joins the Science Deparment

Mr. Ryan, Class of 2017, has returned to Belmont Hill as a faculty member of the maths and science departments. Mr. Ryan grew up near Belmont Hill in Winchester, MA with his three brothers (also alumni of Belmont Hill). Interestingly, Mr. Ryan has also lived in Washington D.C for a part of his life prior to entering Belmont Hill. Mr Ryan has arrived at Belmont Hill straight after studying Computer Engineering at Columbia University where he also earned a minor in music theory. Even though this is his first year teaching, Mr. Ryan has actually taught computer science at the Belmont Hill summer school program. After the departure of Mr. Choi, Mr. Ryan will excitingly bring his breadth of knowledge to his Geometry, AP Computer Science Principles, and AP Computer Science A classes. 

While attending Belmont Hill, one of Mr. Ryan’s favourite classes was IPS, but, “breaking down the physics of a sky-diving jump with Mr. Feldman in multivariable calculus was also pretty darn fun”. He also enjoyed translating epics and poetry in Latin. On the extracurricular side, Mr. Ryan was an avid participant in the theatre program while also a peer leader head, a member of B Flats, and the founder the Botany Club. In the athletic program, Mr. Ryan played football and cross country but was also a captain of wrestling and rowing which were his favourites. As a faculty member, Mr. Ryan will now be coaching Third wrestling and rowing. He is also hoping to lead a new cooking club which is currently in discussion. Mr. Ryan actually also made some of the vinyl stickers for the weight room in the Jordan athletic centre too.  

Outside of Belmont Hill, Mr. Ryan is an avid runner represented by his commitment to run the Boston Marathon on October 11th this year! He is also a professional chef and enjoys discussing many aspects of cooking. When asked if he has any advice for students, Mr. Ryan responded, “Don’t be afraid to try something new. Seriously. BH lets you be so many different things, you don’t have to specialize here. If you’re organized and willing to put yourself out there, you can find success in so many areas of campus life.” 

To finish off this article, I find it important to note how Mr. Ryan was actually my senior “Big Brother” when I entered Belmont Hill in seventh grade (It takes a lot of restraint to not mistakenly call Mr. Ryan by his first name in class!). I and the rest of The Panel staff are excited for Mr. Ryan’s re-integration to the community and to see what he has in store for us. Welcome back!

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