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Mr. Saucedo Returns to Texas

Mr. Saucedo has created a lasting impression at Belmont Hill in only two years at the school, leaving his mark across all areas of student life. Be it in an AP Physics class with seniors, in the iLab with the robotics club, or on the field with middle school lacrosse, he has impacted a huge portion of the student body for the better.

Drawn to Belmont Hill by the prestigious academic reputation of New England private schools, Mr. Saucedo left his former school in Miami to experience the intellectual prowess firsthand. In the classroom, Mr. Saucedo teaches AP Physics to seniors and engineering to freshmen, both of which he enjoys greatly. AP Physics, known throughout Belmont Hill as one of the hardest courses offered, gives Mr. Saucedo the opportunity to both interact with and challenge students whom he describes as “the cream of the crop at Belmont Hill, the really astute students.”

Mr. Saucedo has played a huge role in developing the technology sector of Belmont Hill, especially in regards to the creation of the iLab in the new Melvoin Academic Center. He has also shifted science courses, such as engineering or mechanics, from traditional classroom learning and testing to more design and production-based pursuits. The Maker Movement, as he calls his technique, comes amid what Mr. Saucedo considers to be a major disruption in the field of education, comparable to that of Uber in the taxi business, as technology begins to push aside traditional teaching methods like AP courses and standardized tests. Mr. Saucedo, though he by no means takes sole credit for the iLab, played a pivotal role in trying to make the new space more accessible to the average student looking to experiment with the technology.

With intent to take his experience in emerging technologies to his next job at the Texas Military Institute in San Antonio, Texas, Mr. Saucedo will help with the development of a new science-based military building. He will also teach a new engineering course which he will help develop. Mr. Saucedo grew up in Central Texas, and his parents still live there, so his move back home is intended to ensure that his young kids have access to their extended family.

After two years at Belmont Hill, Mr. Saucedo will be missed greatly by both students and faculty alike. His role in the accessibility of emergent technology has had a large impact on current students, and his memory will stay with the School for years to come.

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