Mr. Schneider Gives First Speech of the Year

On the first day of classes, Mr. Schneider welcomed everyone back to campus with a classic chapel talk. He kicked off the chapel by talking about what makes Belmont Hill so special as well as the school culture. Every year, the first chapel talk emphasizes brotherhood and creating strong relationships. These characteristics define Belmont Hill’s mission to educate young boys on how to become men of good character. The elements of Mr. Schneider’s speech also meant a lot to the students. One of the things that stand out is that this year the chapel talk is not based on covid but rather the traditional way of Belmont Hill. The students view this change as a deviation from the last couple of years that have been plagued by the abrupt changes caused by the coronavirus. Last year the school was still affected by the pandemic which is exemplified by the wearing of masks last year during the first quarter. This year, however, the masks have stayed off and allowed the whole population of the school to be together in one space without masks. These masks have been affecting social life at Belmont Hill for the past few years, but now we can finally see each other’s faces.

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