Mr. Schneider Joins the Science Department

New this year, Craig Schneider replaces Mr. Saucedo, who moved back to Texas last year with his family. Teaching AP Physics 1, AP Physics C, and Engineering, so far he has been amazed with the welcoming nature of the Belmont Hill community, quickly forming bonds with many of his students and soliloquizing around impromptu nicknames.

Mr. Schneider, however, is much more than a mere physics teacher. He is also an avid outdoorsman and player of soccer, or “proper football”, having played for Trinity College and then played in an Irish-American semi-professional soccer league for two years. At Belmont Hill, Mr. Schneider is coaching the JV A Soccer team and replacing Mr. Harder as head coach. Despite the change, the squad still does a lot of calisthenic exercises. “The only way you will be able to beat another team is if you can run faster and work more than they can. That’s why I’m making my guys on JV A run a lot, so we can be better than the other team and pull out a win as many times as possible”, he told the Panel. His dedication to keeping his players in the utmost perfection of form will certainly pay off as the JV A team undoubtedly will rack up win upon win in the coming season.

Mr. Schneider grew up always knowing that he wanted to be a teacher. When he came to Trinity College, he pursued a study in geophysics and environmental science and graduated in 2005. Seven years later, he obtained a Masters of Science from the University of New Haven in Environmental Science, Ecology, and Marine Biology, proving himself to be a true scientific polymath. After getting his M.S. he was hired as a chemistry and physics teacher at Malden Catholic High School and befriended our own Mr. Courtney who told him about Belmont Hill and opened Mr. Schneider’s eyes to the possibilities of joining the Belmont Hill community. Three years later, when Mr. Saucedo left, he learned of the greatness of being a Belmont Hill physics teacher and decided to take the job at Belmont Hill, leading him to where he is now doing what he loves most, teaching physics. We are happy to welcome Mr. Schneider to our campus and look forward to his great contributions he will undoubtedly make to our school.

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