Mrs. Sweeney Receives a Well-Deserved Break

Mrs. Sweeney will be leaving Belmont Hill to enjoy a restorative sabbatical, returning in the fall to continue her tireless mission teaching Biology. Mrs. Sweeney has been hard at work teaching young scientists at Belmont Hill since 1996. Somehow, she even finds time to coach the fearsome Thirds Crew team, rain or shine. She teaches AP Biology to the novice sophomore scientists of Belmont Hill, covering a large course load in record time. This challenges not only the few students willing to grind their way through the course, but also Mrs. Sweeney, who somehow manages to give the impression that it is a pleasure to teach. Classes are notoriously fast moving, energetic and thought-provoking. Throughout the carefully planned “torture,” Mrs. Sweeney mitigates the suffering with a plentiful supply of her famous homemade baked goods. For the few, the lucky few who enjoyed having Mrs Sweeney as advisor, we were able to benefit from her nurturing involvement in our broader school life, as we received sensible advice, were introduced to a positive approach, and were supported by a stalwart advocate. While away on her sabbatical, Mrs. Sweeney expects to keep busy. She has plans to coach Crew to inner-city girls and to study Biology in the Galapagos Islands—even joining an orchestra has been a possibility she’s considered. However Mrs. Sweeney chooses to spend her semester, we wish her well and anticipate her return next fall.

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