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Ms. Ahearne Departure

In her year on campus at Belmont Hill, Ms. Ahearne integrated into the school community, teaching across two departments and coaching all three seasons. Having recently graduated in the spring of 2020 from Bowdoin College, she learned of Belmont Hill originally from the mother of recent graduate James Eyesenbach ’19. In her senior year of college, she co-captained the Nordic Ski team. At Belmont Hill, her majors in government and legal studies, education, and Francophone studies came in handy as she took on teaching US Government and Form I French. In the classroom, Ms. Ahearne fondly recalls many of the funny moments brought about by her young students. While she did not know what to expect when she first arrived on campus, reflecting back, she has developed a deeper passion for teaching and appreciation for all-boys education. She notes being especially proud of her Form II students for their hard work on the final papers they completed at the end of their semesters. 

On the athletic side of campus, Ms. Ahearne began coaching Middle School cross country in the fall. Early snows made for an exciting beginning of the Nordic Ski Season, and the team was eager for the new drills, skills, and energy she brought to every practice and race. Despite the added challenge of the pandemic, the team incorporated relays, sprint simulations, and some intense night-time racing into the season. She especially enjoyed the final race which saw impressive performances from all members of the team, especially younger and newer skiers. This spring, Ms. Ahearne took to the Mystic Lake with the sailing team and added vibrancy and humor to the group. 

Reflecting back on her broader Belmont Hill experience, Ms. Ahearne notes the strong relationships she developed with fellow faculty members and students. She enjoyed getting to know her group of advisees throughout the school year, especially playing games on the field during lunch. For Ms. Ahearne, Belmont Hill has “affirmed that passion and that interest” in teaching and coaching which she hopes to continue in the near future. Especially helpful have been two mentors, Mr. Phinney and Ms. Montanaro, whom she says “have just been fabulous [and] have become great friends to me.” She thanks the community at large for a great year and looks forward to staying in touch with the people who have made the experience such a memorable one. The Panel wishes Ms. Ahearne the best as she looks to move to a more skier-friendly state and hopes to see her back on campus soon!

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