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Ms. Gettings Retires

As the 2015-2016 school year comes to a close, Belmont Hill bids farewell to a treasured faculty member and friend. Holly Gettings made the decision to retire from her position in Belmont Hill’s Arts Department, concluding her seventeen-year career at the school. In her time at Belmont Hill, Ms. Gettings has used her immense skill in the visual arts to make significant contributions in multiple areas of the school community. Since 2004, Ms. Gettings has been the faculty advisor for the school’s yearbook, the Sundial. Through her guidance, the yearbook has made significant strides in the areas of format and content over the years. Ms. Gettings introduced the Sundial to new programs that not only made its creation easier, but also improved the quality of the book overall. Since she was hired to teach photography 2002, Ms. Gettings had made countless efforts towards expanding the presence of the medium throughout the entire school. Her advocating the use of iPhones as cameras has made photography seem more accessible and comfortable to students, alleviating the intimidation that comes with seeing the complex equipment of many photographers. The class has particularly caught the interest of younger students. Whether they intend on further pursuing arts at Belmont Hill or not, many of the students simply enjoy working with Ms. Gettings and gaining a better understanding of the growing visual art. Even with her extensive work in the visual arts, where most students know her best is in the performing arts. Ms. Gettings has worked on the technical side of Belmont Hill’s theater productions since 1998. In every show since, she has put countless hours into making sure every scene and transition is as perfect and smooth as they can be. The impressive lighting and sound effects in every Belmont Hill show are testaments to her work, and without her, the productions wouldn’t be nearly as impressive. Even as Ms. Gettings retires, her strong legacy will be felt throughout the school community for years to come. Belmont Hill wishes her the best of luck and we thank her for everything she has done.

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