Music Program Restarts After Pandemic

For the first time in over a year and a half, Belmont Hill’s music ensembles have been able to practice on a consistent basis in person. With the B-Flats, Upper School Jazz Ensemble, Orchestra, and other groups finally able to play in person, the Prenatt Building once again echoes its once familiar array of melodies and harmonies that liven up campus.

As Belmont Hill’s ensembles had been meeting virtually throughout the pandemic, attempting to rehearse and compose songs despite the challenges of Zoom, these groups have not been able to practice together out of caution of transmitting the coronavirus. While the ensemble pieces ultimately put together by Mr. Fiori and Mr. Patterson were remarkably constructed, in-person performances undoubtedly trump even the best virtual compositions. However, with new safety measures and guidelines having been implemented to minimize the virus’ spread, such as the B-Flats wearing masks while singing or the Jazz Ensemble’s trumpet and saxophone players putting covers over their instruments, these groups have been able to safely return to their routine practice schedule. These consistent, in-person rehearsals allow the ensembles to create cohesive music that was previously difficult in the disjointed Zoom setting.

 With hopes of eventually being able to perform live in the new chapel, these groups will continue to refine their repertoires. Although it is still unknown when live performances could occur, these groups will undoubtedly be prepared to display their musical talents whenever the occasion arrives.


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