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New Faculty: Mr. Payne

After graduating from Belmont Hill in 2018 and four years at Tufts University, Mr. Payne returns to the school as a first-year teacher. Mr. Payne teaches English I and III, and he will be the Co-Director for the fall and winter school plays. Feeling optimistic about the play, Mr. Payne believes that there is a good mix between new and returning performers. Furthermore, Mr. Payne is a Form I advisor and is excited to make new connections with his students and other faculty and staff while also gaining valuable teaching experience. Outside of school, Mr. Payne recently joined a kickball team, which he has enjoyed. Additionally, he relishes the opportunity to stay in touch with his former Cheer teammates at Tufts, regularly meeting with them to work out together or practice old routines.

Although Mr. Payne is still not used to being called “Mr. Payne” and not “Donavan”, along with the newfound ability to call his former teachers by their first name, Mr. Payne is looking forward to spending a great year with all of the Belmont Hill community.

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