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New Faculty: Mrs. Phinney

The Belmont Hill community is fortunate and excited to welcome Mrs. Phinney to the faculty this year. Although new to the faculty, Mrs. Phinney has been a part of Belmont Hill for many years. Her husband, Mr. Phinney, has worked as a History teacher and the head coach of the varsity hockey team. Moreover, Mrs. Phinney’s oldest sister, Mrs. Bobo, served as the Director of College Counseling until her departure last year.

After graduating from Deerfield Academy and then playing hockey at Harvard College, she continued her hockey career in a Canadian hockey league before being selected to the U.S. Women’s Olympic Hockey Team. After the Olympics, Mrs. Phinney returned to Harvard for her graduate studies, earning her Masters in Education. She then worked at the Salisbury School in Salisbury, Connecticut, where she met Mr. Phinney. Her last stop before coming to Belmont Hill was Phillips Andover where she served as a member of the College Counseling Department and then the Admissions team. 

Mrs. Phinney will hold the position of Assistant Director of College Counseling and assist several clubs and teams around campus, including hockey teams during the winter. Mrs. Phinney has two children, George (8) and Lincoln (2). If you have seen Mrs. Phinney on campus, you probably have also seen her dog, Bear the Australian Shepherd. Mrs. Phinney’s new office is next to the senior commons.


The Panel welcomes Mrs. Phinney to Belmont Hill!

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