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New Staff Member: Ms. Glinski

Ms. Glinski joined the Belmont Hill admissions team this year, after previously working for the admissions office at UMass Boston. She grew up in western Massachusetts, in Pittsfield. Following her graduation from college, Ms. Glinski worked for the UMass Amherst Business school where she held a position in the admissions office, giving tours and helping out the staff. After this, She temporarily worked in the marketing department at a consulting firm. Realizing it wasn’t what she wanted to do, Ms. Glinski decided to look into further admissions work. Because she enjoyed doing admissions earlier in her life, she decided to turn it into a full-time career, and Ms. Glinski worked at UMass Boston for the past eight years.  She spent a lot of time traveling around New England lecturing on the UMass experience to high schoolers and their parents. When she wasn’t on the road, Ms. Glinski would be in the office, reviewing applications or meeting with prospective students. After eight years, Ms. Glinski was ready for a change, and so she came to Belmont Hill. There have been a couple slight changes in her role.  Of course, looking at middle schoolers is a lot different than dealing with high schoolers.  She also thinks that the biggest difference has been the change of position; from giving presentations and talking with students and parents, to supporting the staff in the admissions office. Ms. Glinski is excited for the challenges ahead and is looking forward to taking on her new role as Admissions Assistant.

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