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New Staff Member: Niki Diller

Mrs. Niki Diller, the new administrative assistant to Dr. Melvoin joined the Belmont Hill staff this year. Mrs. Diller is a native of southern California and moved to the New England area in 1999.  Before coming to work for the school, she worked at Deloitte Consulting for seventeen years, ten of which were as the assistant to the Managing Partner. She has two wonderful boys. Lucas, her eldest son, is twelve years old and is an avid water skier. Seth, who is nine, loves to play football, baseball, and basketball.  Over the last few years,  Mrs. Diller took up running, and, in 2012, she impressively ran the San Diego marathon. She enjoys trying new things often, and her newest endeavor is learning how to play the guitar via YouTube tutorials.  Something that may surprise you about Mrs. Diller is that she was Ms. May in the 1983 Girl Scout calendar for selling the most cookies in her region.  In her picture, she was depicted scaling a rock wall, in order to show that, at any age, anything is possible, a motto she still lives by today. Be sure to give a warm welcome to Mrs. Diller if you see her around campus!

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