One Year Later – Catching up with Mr. Schneider

Approximately one year ago, Mr. Schneider first walked the hallowed halls of Belmont Hill. Mr. Schneider was recruited to teach AP Physics and Engineering; however, to those of us fortunate enough to enjoy the benefits of his undoubted expertise, he is more than a mere teacher, he is also a dedicated JV soccer coach. Unfortunately, for this correspondent and for the cynical readers, I struck out when asking Mr. Schneider to tell me what is wrong with Belmont Hill. “There must be something you would change?” I asked. “Bowtie Friday should be mandatory” he replied. Really? That’s it? I am sure that his students wish that this wild and unrelenting benevolence extended to his AP Physics grading.

One can tell how much Mr. Schneider enjoys soccer and how little he appreciates the finer skills from the excessively large Liverpool flag pinned to the wall in his classroom. Fortunately, for the JV soccer team, Mr. Schneider’s poor choice in professional “football” clubs does not affect his coaching ability. The JV players don’t always share Mr. Schneider’s enthusiasm for fitness before practice, but we still have the utmost respect for his coaching.  It has proven effective, earning the team a record of 10-2-2 in his first year. For the most part we are able to “put the round thing in the rectangle thing” more times than the other team.

And now for the softball… “What do you believe to be the best thing about Belmont Hill?” Mr. Schneider responded “The academic structure with our classes, and the ability to take so many diverse things in different subjects, coupled with the amazing faculty members that I have come to have an overwhelming respect for them, their ability, and their knowledge.” It is reassuring to hear a teacher speak so highly of Belmont Hill. Mr. Schneider is no novice when it comes to educational institutions having previously taught Chemistry and Physics at Malden Catholic. Mr. Schneider has only been here for one year but he has already become an integral part of our community.

Apparently, Mr. Schneider came to Belmont Hill with very high expectations having been “pitched” by Mr. Courtney, who spoke highly of the school: How have we measured up? Mr. Schneider was surprised by “the overwhelming amount of thought put into the student’s work that they do on a daily basis and they truly care about the learning and it’s not solely about a grade.” As a school we pride ourselves on our work ethic and willingness to go above and beyond in all aspects of our lives, whether it be athletic or academic. Mr. Schneider said that “If I accidently assign two hours or more of homework I know that every student will have it done.”

The Facultones last year was an opportunity for Mr. Schneider to showcase his remarkable singing ability and for the school to welcome him into the community. The moment he stepped on that stage he became one of us. Facultones may have been mandatory for the teachers, but it does show a side of them that you are unlikely to see in the classroom. Mr. Schneider does not view himself as a singer but it definitely gave the students a good laugh. “I guess I didn’t know what to expect because I was put on the spot and I view myself as more of a mouther than a singer.” The Facultones provide the teachers with ample opportunity to be embarrass themselves, having devoted so much time to embarrassing students in class. It is a credit to the Belmont Hill community that new teachers feel so welcome in their first year; we can only hope that they repay our kindness for many years to come!

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