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Party With a Purpose Returns

After two long years without the annual Party with a Purpose (PWAP), the event leaders, Daniel Drucker ’23, Quinn Healey ’23, and Leo Montoya ’23 have confirmed that PWAP will take place April 9th, 2022. According to Drucker, the event will be nearly identical to those held in previous years. Familiar games and attractions such as the DJ, bouncy houses, and ping pong tables will be available for attendees, as well as new games, like the dunk tank. 

While the pandemic has caused many companies and local stores to be more cautious about assisting with the event, the event leaders are certain that popular food choices will be available. The organizers are hopeful considering the recent decline in COVID cases. As in typical years, other schools have been invited to attend. Both Winsor and Dana Hall are confirmed, and Roxbury Latin and Nobles might attend as well.

Of course, what makes Party with a Purpose special is its support of the Boston Children’s Hospital and its patients. While solely raising money would itself benefit countless patients receiving treatment and would assist the hospital as a whole, allowing some of these patients to attend in person and making it “for the kids” is in many cases the most memorable part of each annual party. As early as this December, it looked like patients would not be able to attend as they usually would because of the pandemic. However, over the past month it seems as if that may change. According to PWAP leader Drucker , there is still a “possibility for patients attending” because of the recent decline in COVID cases this month. If this COVID trend continues, all signs point to having several patients attend the night in person. 

Additionally, many students are looking forward to their first PWAP in years. Aiko Dable ‘24 remarked that she was “excited to see what the event will look like this year.” Dable also noted that “[she] doesn’t have to leave the dance early this year,” like she had to at her last PWAP, in seventh grade.  

PWAP merchandise will soon be available to attending schools and their students. Students will be able to purchase Party with a Purpose merchandise online and of course in person at the event. Drucker  says that the “Hoodie Weeks”, during which Belmont Hill students will be allowed to wear Party with a Purpose hoodies instead of their blazer, will be coming soon. Be sure to be on the lookout for emails concerning the incoming PWAP merchandise. 

Only because of the hard work of the planning committee and the consistent adherence of both Belmont Hill and Winsor to COVID guidelines are we going to be able to hold this event after two years. Both the Belmont Hill and Winsor communities are excited to experience this tradition again, especially considering what a tremendous impact it has for Boston Children’s Hospital and its patients. 

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