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Playlist of the Issue

Still Don’t Know My Name – Labrinth 

Whether or not you are a fan of the controversial HBO Max show, Euphoria, Labyrinth’s musical composition, “Still Don’t Know My Name,” from the first note of the song develops the listener in a range of emotions often felt by teenagers. Labrinth wrote the song halfway through the score and wanted to reflect on how frighteningly eerie and insecure teenage years can be. This song speaks with the heart, rallies you up, and expresses the experience of being so puissant but invisible to the people that matter.

Dies Irae – Apashe & Black Prez

Dies Irae, a latin phrase meaning “Day of Wrath” envelopes the listener early on with both unique lyrics and a great beat. Whether you have just woken up or are trying to get hyped up for something, this is an astounding feel good song to listen to at all times.

Boy in the Bubble – Alec Benjamin

Most teen boys, at some point in their lives have imagined a heroic fight they will get into, and more often than not, in this made up story, the daydreamer will acquire victory. Alec Benjamin’s musical composition “Boy in the Bubble” offers an insightful alternative result to a fight in an upbeat song with meaningful lyrics. Whether or not you can relate to this song, it is an all around great song to listen to when you’re feeling down, or even to get hyped up.

Nightmare –  Halsey

Due to the song’s upbeat tune, it is hard to catch all of the difficult topics Halsey brings up in her song “Nightmare.The song starts with an intro, which is a children’s bedtime prayer that’s called “Now I lay me down to sleep.” After her famous song “without me” many people assumed she would become just another pop starlet but after the release of this song, it’s clear she’s actually got something to say. Whether you are looking for a feel good song, a hype song, or a song to feel in the mood to, this one is a great song to have on all your playlists. 

My Darling – Eminem

In one of Eminem’s less well known songs, “My Darling,” an intense battle is going on between Eminem and Slim Shady with Slim Shady being represented as a demon. Whether or not you can relate to fighting demons or even whether you like Eminem or not, this song is an amazing one to listen to, interpret, analize, and vibe with. 

Thousand Miles – The Kid LAROI

The Kid LAROI’s recent release Thousand Miles has found its way onto today’s top hits. The song has a relaxing feel and maintains its ‘low key’ vibe in both the refrain and the verses. The lyrics describe The Kid LAROI’s relational self consciousness, stating that, “If I was you, If I was you. Then I would stay a thousand miles away.” The song’s beat is closer to that of today’s pop songs than it is to LAROI’s traditional rap-like beats.

Enemy – Imagine Dragons (With JID)

Imagine Dragons’ 2022 single, Enemy, was originally released to be the theme song for the Netflix animated series Arcane, but has recently made it to today’s charts and is quickly becoming one of their more popular songs. The song features JID and its intensity is quite similar to most recent Imagine Dragons songs.

Better Days – (NEIKID x MAE MULLER x Polo G)

Better Days is an upbeat single that features three modern pop/rap artists. The song talks about waiting for better days and leaving tough times behind. The song is emotional, but also incorporates a fast paced beat, resulting in an appealing pop song for listeners around the world.

In My Head – Lil Tjay

Lil Tjay’s 2022 single, In My Head, is definitely one of his best songs and has recently made into Spotify’s Today’s Top Hits playlist. The song describes disloyalty from a woman Tjay was in contact with and has a similar ‘chill’ vibe to one of Tjay’s earlier releases Calling My Phone.

Nomad – E Moreland

The 2021 single, Nomad, is a fast paced rap song. Nomad talks about E Moreland’s goals in the rapping industry and describes how his future will play out. E Moreland discusses the ‘slack’ his friends and family give him for his music dreams and mentions his efforts to prove them wrong. Nomad sometimes makes an appearance in the BH workout room and can be considered a workout song.

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