Preview: Upper School Play ‘The Sparrow’

Belmont Hill and Winsor are proud to announce the co-production of the play The Sparrow. This piece of theater was devised rather than written, which means that the actors and the directors collaboratively developed the show. Through the devising process, the original writers ended up writing a nontraditional type of story. The plot is centered around Emily Book, who is the only survivor of a terrible bus accident and has to return back to her hometown of Spring Farm to graduate from high school. At the school, she befriends the head cheerleader, Jenny McGrathy, who helps her assimilate into the school culture. However, one day, Jenny’s life is put into jeopardy, and Emily is forced into the spotlight to help save her friend.  

Unlike past Belmont Hill and Winsor plays, the practices and the play take place at the Winsor. School There, Winsor’s drama directer Jermy Johnson will direct the play, and Mr. Conway will work as the dramaturge. The only Belmont Hill actor, Daniel Rashes, has a leading role as the adoptive father of Emily. Two other Belmont Hill students, Howard Huang and Luke Hogan, will work as the lighting and soundboard operators. Everyone should come out to see the thrilling play and support Daniel Rashes.

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