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Tim Wood ‘71 Retires: 36 Years and Countless Students Inspired

Mr. Wood, a cherished faculty member at Belmont Hill, is retiring this year after 36 years of teachi...

Mr. Schneider’s State of the School Address

Recently, Mr. Schneider held a State of the School Address in which he discussed future plans with t...

The Outcome of the Student Technology Survey

Mr. Curran’s technology survey was filled out by 434 Belmont Hill students. According to Mr. Curra...

How This Year’s Football Team Stacks Up Against the 2016 Team

Where do you start when comparing two dominant Bowl-winning football teams that contrast immensely f...

The Merits of the New Form IV Health Class

This past year, Belmont Hill created a new position — Director of Health and Wellness.  Ms. R...