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Debate of the Issue: Salsa

After boring Team Vanilla pulled off the shocking upset against clearly superior Team Chocolate in the last debate, Gabe somehow managed to tie the total series at three a piece. Unfortunately for him, he made the ill-fated decision of picking Team Guacamole, basically handing himself another loss. Thus, even though stating my case in favor of salsa seems unnecessary, I will continue to do so out of respect for my opponent.

When listing the most important people or items to make its way from Mexico to the United States, the top three spots on the list are clear: Mariachi Bands, Cesar “the Dog Whisperer” Millan (the man has a gift), and the undisputed top choice, salsa. A typical salsa recipe primarily consists of chopped tomatoes, seeded peppers, and jalepeños, but from there, the variations are endless. Flavor, texture, and spiciness all vary from salsa to salsa, but the condiment always works well on a large variety of foods, a versatility that just isn’t present within guacamole’s game.

When thinking of the best food combinations in this day and age, the duos that come to mind are french fries and ketchup, oreos and milk, and most important to any party or event, chips and salsa. The duo between chips and salsa is just like the Brady-Moss connection back in ‘07: absolutely dominant. The two foods are a mainstay at any party or celebration, but they can also serve as an excellent late night snack. In addition, to anyone who hasn’t eaten the Tostitos salsa, as seen in the vast majority of grocery stores, it is an absolute must try. Thank me later.

Meanwhile, the guacamole and chips connection is simply inferior, lacking the same exquisite taste as seen from salsa and chips. First and foremost, guacamole is an extremely strange shade of green, which obviously has nothing to do with the flavor, but it might just be my least favorite part of this particular food. Burritos and tacos also improve exponentially when salsa is added into the mix, as it provides a delicious spice and flare to the neutral tasting beef and rice; on the other hand, guacamole simply adds nothing positive to the group, and instead only offers a strange texture to the Mexican dish.

In conclusion, while people can attempt to make the argument in favor of guacamole, the clear choice within this debate is salsa, but no matter how many times I can repeat myself, the vote is within your hands. Make the right decision: vote salsa.

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