SNL Rap Classic, Hercules Duets, and More Stun Senior Talent Show

On a Friday long school meeting, this year’s senior class hosted the inaugural Senior Talent Show. The show featured a wide range of acts, a panel of judges, and background videos on the participants, presenting the seniors a final opportunity to share their talents with the school community. Hosted by Alex Santangelo, acts included rock bands, air guitar, rap battles, and dance, showcasing the Class of 15’s impressive entertainment talent.

After each performance, the acts received feedback, both constructive and humorous, from judges Mr. Curran, Mr. DiResta, Ms. Bobo, and Mr. Feldman. The morning started off with a performance from 350 Prospect, the senior rock band.  Chris Bracken followed with a Bach viola solo, which led logically to CJ Layton and Cam Chiarelli’s performance of the SNL rap classic “Lazy Sunday”.  Next came a touching duet from Hercules by Myles Walsh and perfect-pitch Benny Wanger, complete with costume changes from togas to tunics and gladiator armor.   Alex Andriolo and Jack Tamasi brought down the house with their lip syncing & choreography, followed by Eric Rolfs’ and Jack Wilhoite’s inspiring interpretive dance.   Harry “The Boss” Kraft rocked the air guitar accompanied by Sultan “Big Man” Olusekun on the sax.  Yohannes Mezgebu and Jonathan Innocent presented a dance routine and the show was capped off by a heated rap battle between Harry “HP” Porter and Nate “Nizzy Nate” Trznadel. In the end, the judges crowned dancers Eric Rolfs and Jack Wilhoite the winners of this inaugural event.

The Senior Talent Show gave departing seniors an opportunity to show off their many artistic and entertaining talents. Complete with a panel of judges, the show engraved a great final impression of the Class of 2015, filled with laughs and energy in a newly-founded school tradition.


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