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Senior Talent Show Excites Yet Again

Since its reestablishment four years ago, the annual Senior Talent Show has served both as way to alleviate the stresses of the exam season and as an opportunity for graduating seniors to showcase their talent or lack thereof. The fourth annual Senior Talent Show was no exception. It provided a perfect mix of hilarity and skill that did not disappoint. The Senior Talent Show started off with a bang this year as host John Markis introduced the Upper School Rock Band, who opened with Hard to Handle by the Black Crowes. Henry Vettel and David Paine led the way with their respective vocals and guitar solo, a performance that set the stage for the rest of the show. Following the rock band performance were other musical acts such as David Paine’s solo on guitar, Austin Kwoun and David Paine’s original composition on the guitar and violin, Owen Pickette and Theo Why’s duet of a Hamilton x Dear Evan Hansen mashup, David Mitchell and Ugo Anuonyemere’s rendition of Same Girl by R. Kelly and Usher, and Austin Kwoun and Henry Vettel’s duet. On top of this musicality explosion, some burgeoning Belmont Hill dancers graced the stage. Bennett Morris and Donovan Payne performed the synchronized “Double Dream Hands” dance to perfection, capped off by Bennett’s spontaneous full split and Donovan’s floss. But perhaps the most crowd-engaging act of all came from our very own MC John Markis, who stole the show with his wonderfully horrendous dance moves. Judges Diresta, Schneider, Leonardis, and Bobo all contributed well to the entertainment with witty commentary and subtle chirps, notably Mr. Leonardis remarking that acclaimed violinist Austin Kwoun was pretty good at playing the guitar and a magic wand. Overall, the Senior Talent Show proved successful yet again in 2018 and delivered the final encore for the accomplished Class of 2018, whose presence on campus will be sorely missed.

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