Snacks Reign Supreme during Stay-at-Home

Spending more time at home than ever before has meant one thing and that’s more snacks. Whether it’s a quick bite in that awkward ten minutes between virtual classes, stuffing down breakfast at 8:29am, or trying to find lunch in the fridge that never seems to have anything good in it, eating during the pandemic has been a wild ride. Based on polling, it is clear that Belmont Hill students and faculty have a sweet tooth when it comes to snacking, and I have to admit I do too. While the clear winner was “chips,” with votes from 61% of respondents, cookies and ice cream were close behind, receiving 51.1% and 46.8% respectively. That said, the contingent of community members indulging in what are generally perceived as “healthier” snacks is significant. 50.4% of respondents said they enjoyed Smoothies or Shakes, and 36.9% voted for Fruits and Vegetables, either raw or cooked. While the data do not appear to be exceptionally mind boggling, certain snacks scored significantly lower than I expected. For one, energy/protein bars, a favorite on the go snack of mine pre-pandemic, only enticed 40.4% of respondents and popcorn and crackers scored near 30% each. 

On the specific snack front, Smartfood popcorn, Doritos, Oreos, Cheez-Its, pretzels, watermelon, bananas, and almonds all appeared multiple times. And it seems as though a majority of the community agrees that snacking during the pandemic definitely increased, with over 65% answering yes. Back on campus, the favorite snack is quite clear, cookies and milk. Some students questioned the availability of milk during the infamous fifteen minute morning break. While it certainly completes the experience, I don’t think anyone wants to drink milk left out all morning during first class. As we head into the school year having spent months at home, it was certainly interesting to see what everyone has been snacking on. Maybe some of the fan favorites will migrate into our boxed lunches soon!

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