David Perdoni ’16 Elected President in 2015 Student Elections

Most of you probably associate David Perdoni with the football star or the weight room giant. David, however, has found himself in a new realm of stardom–politics. Next year, David will assume the highest position in student government: President of the Sixth Form. Having never held a student office before, David was an underdog in the running against veteran Chip Daley. Nevertheless, the current Fifth Form voted for a changing of the guard, and David is confident that he “can do a pretty good job,” and that his “ability to empathize with a wide range of people” makes him the right choice for school president.

David’s future goals as president are practical and important. First, he thinks that any spoiled milk at milk and cookies is “completely unacceptable.” David also aims to improve the lunch, a mission that all of us will appreciate. Finally, David’s goals for senior spring are clear cut. “I will do everything I can to help us do as little as possible come next spring.” Additionally, David wants to reduce the number of TYSK classes for seniors, regain the use of the chapel lawn, have weekly dress-down days in an effort to raise money for a multitude of charities, and host more activities with sister schools.

On a more serious note, David wants to ensure that he not only improves student life at Belmont Hill, but also continues to spread important messages to the younger boys, saying: “Belmont Hill is a tight knit family, community, and overall a special place…pursue your own path, utilize the resources available to you.”

David stresses the importance of having a “strong commitment to Belmont Hill,” a lesson that he learned through the teachings of retired legend Mr. Gallagher. In summary, David wants to give back to the school that has dealt him the “most important years of (his) life.” David’s election to president of the school will give him the power to realize his goals and “make a real impression and impact at Belmont Hill.”

Assisting David in next year will be vice president D.J Demetri, along with Senators Charlie Danziger, Robert Griffin, and Callen Morris.

This new group of leaders will undergo its first test come the fall of next year, as they prepare for David’s opening speech.

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