Sustainability Club Teams up with Dana Hall

Wellesley, MA — NOV 11

On November 11, the Belmont Hill Sustainability Club coordinated with Dana Hall to host a screening of “Before the Flood”, an environmentally themed documentary produced by Leo DiCaprio. The film explores the issue of climate change, highlighting the grave threats facing cities, developing countries, and the natural world. It also outlines the difficult yet urgent task of overcoming climate science deniers and transitioning world economies away from fossil fuels.

The event was held in Dana Hall’s student center, and the movie was followed by an ice cream sundae bar and discussion time. About 35 students from the two schools showed up, including Belmont Hill senior Pat Shea ‘17 who remarked, “The movie made me realize the severity of climate change and how rapidly it is affecting our planet, but it also made me hopeful that our generation can reverse the damage.”

There will be another environmentally themed movie screening on Friday, January 6, open to all upper school students.

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