The Floor Lords Perform in the Chapel

“That was a blast!” said Bradford Adams ’26, following what was perhaps the most exciting and entertaining chapel the school has had this year. On January 18, during community block, the Floor Lords, a group that “seeks to use the positive aspect of hip-hop dance to reach and empower youth,” gave an exceptional performance to the school. Members of the inspirational group worked to educate the Belmont Hill community about hip-hop, its history, and the Floor Lords’ history. By demonstrating the art of beatboxing, MCing, and break dancing – or as the group referred to it, “breaking” – students and faculty alike were brought to their feet for a 40-minute break from the stresses of school while learning about a culture that has become incredibly popular in the United States. 

Mr. Fulham only added to the event’s success by giving the school a true taste of his “secret” dancing talents when he volunteered to join the Floor Lordson stage. Following Mr. Fulham, Wes Lindstrom-Chalpin ’25 and Josiah Gomes ’25, similarly, showed off their incredible dance moves in front of the whole school in a dance battle. Each was granted a 30-second freestyle performance, and Wes proved to be the victor after the solid competition between the two. In the words of Michael Hadley ’25: “[The Chapel] was a playful insight into the world of hip-hop” said.

For those who are interested in learning more about the group, they are active on social media, and have an informative website that explains the group’s history, current status and their upcoming performances. 

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