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The Loss of Ohlin’s

At 2:45 a.m. on March 15, 2016, an explosion rocked Ohlin’s Bakery in Belmont.  The blast occurred when gas was collected in a large industrial oven, having been ignited by an unknown substance. Owner Paul Klemm had turned the oven on and walked behind a six-foot stack of pans when the explosion occurred.  The pans, which for years had been used to make Ohlin’s famous donuts and baked goods, probably saved Klemm’s life, as they shielded him from the force of the blast. The explosion was powerful enough to blow through a brick wall and cause the roof to partially collapse. Klemm escaped with only his hair and eyebrows singed by the flames.

Generations of Belmont Hill students have been introduced to Ohlin’s during early morning advisor meetings. Although many bring in Dunkin’s Donuts donuts, the ones who bring in the old fashioned Ohlin’s donuts are admired. Once you taste an Ohlin’s donut, there is no going back to Dunkin’s. The rich and sugary taste leaves you licking your fingers after the last bite. Ohlins will be closed indefinitely due to the structural damage, but the owners promise to reopen as soon as possible. Everyone hopes that Ohlin’s will be able to reopen and make its return to the Hill before too long.

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