Tod and Lyn Rodger Gift Sherman Faculty Chair

On a quiet Friday morning in late October, the stressful final week of the quarter was capped with an inspirational chapel honoring a new faculty chair at Belmont Hill. Tod Rodger, a former faculty member, and his wife Lyn gave a new faculty chair in honor of math department legend Mr. Sherman.

Dr. Melvoin started the chapel with an introduction to Mr. Rodger, a passionate coach, advisor, and math teacher for ten years, and thanked him for his incredibly generous gift to the school.

Mr. Rodger took the podium next and refuted Dr. Melvoin’s description of this faculty chair as a gift; he explained the difference between an investment, something that will pay off what one puts in, and a gift, which does not pay dividends in the long run. Mr. Rodger described how, as a student at fellow ISL member St. Paul’s School, his parents would often quip that he should work harder because of how much they were paying for the school, as many Belmont Hill students likely hear today; however, Mr. Rodger noted, tuition to an elite independent school is actually an investment, and the upfront cost now will be dwarfed by what a Belmont Hill education can do down the road.

Mr. Sherman, the recipient of the faculty chair, was the last one to the podium, and he provided a humorous and appreciative speech in regards to the Rodgers’ investment in both him and his fellow faculty. Mr. Sherman, tied with Mr. Martin for the most experienced faculty member at the School with 43 years under their belts, showed his passion for math by putting his time in here in terms of his 6150 school days, 2000 students taught, 7400 meals, and 24600 classes. He remains excited about his work because of his, and his student’s, love for learning.

Overall, the Sherman Faculty Chair is an incredibly generous gift, or investment, by the Rodgers and their fellow donors, and the entire community is appreciative of their kindness in honoring one of Belmont Hill’s best faculty members.

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