Turkey Drive 2015 Seeks to Provide 300 Meals

Started in 2010, the Turkey Drive has been an amazing community service project helping families from all over the Massachusetts area.

Mr. Trautz attended Cheverus High School in Portland, Maine. Cheverus did a similar Turkey Drive, giving students a whole day off to deliver these meals to families in need. Mrs. David endorsed the idea of a Turkey Drive at Belmont Hill, but “only if Mr. Trautz is involved with it,” and thus the Turkey Drive at Belmont Hill was created. In 2010, the goal was approximately 50 turkeys, and that number has steadily increased at a high rate, as this year the goal is 300 meals! In order to meet that goal, fliers are sent out and put throughout the towns in order to raise awareness and get people to bring in items. Although the Turkey Drive has been successful every year, Mr. Trautz’s main fear is not having enough to feed the families to whom he promised food. Although quantity has never been a true issue, Mr. Trautz says, “what keeps me up at night is the fact that we have promised 300 meals, so we have to come through on 300 meals.” One improvement Mr. Trautz would like to make to the Turkey Drive is having more kids deliver the food instead of the parents. Although it may not be ideal, having kids take the day off to deliver the food would be much more meaningful and impactful, teaching the kids to be grateful for what they have.

Moreover, when there is an excess amount of turkeys from the Turkey Drive, Mr. Trautz says there are several places willing and able to take the turkeys. Places such as the Sisters for Mercy, which give homeless people Thanksgiving meals, will take our turkeys and use them for a great cause. Although the goal is 300 complete meals, Belmont Hill will come through and bring in many more meals than that, so that hundreds of people will be able to be fed. The turkeys will be delivered the Monday before Thanksgiving.

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