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Theater Chapel

On the morning of Friday, February 18, the Belmont Hill community convened in the Chapel for a live improvisational performance from the acting elective class. The students participating were Max Dow, Evan Dresser, Eric Hadley, Henry Hagedorn, Harry Hall, Nate Keating, Chad Sidel, and Mikey Sullivan.

For this impromptu show, the actors set up a classic improv game where one student plays as the “host.” This student left the Chapel for the first few minutes while Mr. DiResta crowdsourced individual character “quirks” for each remaining actor. The audience yelled out amusing traits like “speaks like Yoda” or “ is overly flirtatious.” Once the host returned, each character came on stage in their respective characters, and it was the host’s job to guess every actor’s secret trait. The host asked them a series of questions, and once he correctly identified a quirk, the actor had to find a way to leave the stage without breaking character. 

This performance was an entertaining way to start an otherwise mundane morning. Additionally, it provided the actors with a chance to show off the skills they have developed in their acting class while advertising the course itself to the school. Mr. DiResta, who teaches the acting class, hopes that students were “inspired by our improv performance, and will decide to give the Acting class a whirl!” The improv game, other acting performances, and musical performances should become a staple of Belmont Hill Chapels. Not only are they enjoyable for audience members, but they allow students to showcase their talents and contribute to the community’s celebration of art.

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