Juniors Elect Timmy McCormack ’21 All School President

In mid-April, Timmy McCormick ‘21 ran unopposed for Form VI and School President. With five years of experience in the Student Senate and a host of other positions across the school community, Timmy is well prepared to lead the school well in his new role. Since the First Form, Timmy has served the Class of 2021 with the goal of “making life easier and more enjoyable for the kids in our grade.” He held the role of Vice President through the Middle School before his election as President for Form IV and Form V.  Under his leadership, the class has enjoyed 3v3 Basketball tournaments during Mud Week, a Paintballing trip, community service events with our sister schools, and a variety of other fun experiences. 

Reflectively, Timmy attributes the impetus for his running for a class leadership position to his older brother Will ‘18 who also served as All-School President during his senior year. Timmy also noted his admiration for other recent school presidents over the years, including Shane Rocket ‘19, and Jack McHugh ‘20. Looking ahead to next year, Timmy is excited to utilize the new chapel space to its fullest, and hopefully, incorporate more student-driven events and speakers. Beyond that, he also wants to reinvigorate the Lending Library textbook donation program. And finally, he remains hopeful that the Class of 2021 can enjoy a more typical Senior Spring on campus. The Panel wishes Timmy a well deserved congratulations and cannot wait for the next school year to come!

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