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Top 3 Study Spaces on the BH Campus

As Belmont Hill boys, we develop a skill for time management. Between classes, academics, and extracurricular activities, we use our free blocks wisely to limit the homework we need to complete at home.

The choice of where to sit down and “work” is complicated when it comes to free blocks. Will this space help me be productive? Let me socialize with friends? Possibly take a well-needed nap? These three factors are most important to my study area choice: 1. Productivity, 2. Fun 3. Comfort. Considering these three factors, the top 3 study spaces are clear. 

Coming in third place is The Nook, with a score of 23/30. As one of the more popular study spots on campus, the third place could seem low for this juggernaut of a study space; however, certain aspects of its character caused me to bump it to the bottom of the podium. First of all, its fun ranking is top-tier. Coming in with a 9/10, it is hard to compare to the social aspect one can receive at The Nook. Rarely do I ever walk past The Nook without seeing it bustling with kids of all forms, justifying it’s 9/10 for fun. Consequently comes a lower score in productivity. Although a 5/10 might seem low for some, I seldom leave The Nook with anything productive completed. Some students can work hard in this area, but I cannot justify anything above a 5/10. Lastly, its comfort rating speaks for itself. The Nook’s couches and comfortable seating give it a clear 9/10 rating. 

Form III is in a close race for second place with a score of 25.5/30. Almost every Belmont Hill boy experiences Form III at some point in their journey, so second place should cause no arguments. Form III scores an 8.5/10 in productivity due to its many tables, giving students room to escape if they need space. Its variety of seating, including regular chairs, big green ones, and semi-uncomfortable couches, earns it a strong 9/10. The perfect ten was in sight; however, the couches are its Achilles heel. Although Form III fills with kids in the mornings, it slowly loses its capacity throughout the day. An 8/10 is a fair compromise, because of the ebbs and flows of students during school hours.

Despite 25.5 being an outstanding score, my choice for the best study space on campus is the Prenatt Music Building, in a narrow victory with a 26/30. In one simple sentence, those who know, know. Prenatt is the most productive place on campus, with very little traffic and soft music in the background, scoring it a 10/10 for productivity. You can choose tables, comfy chairs, and even couches in both the upper and lower parts of this building. Its vast selection of seating adds a 9/10 to its score. Although it seems perfect so far, Prenatt does possess a weakness. Rarely traveled through, you are extremely unlikely in Prenatt to run into that one friend with whom you have no classes, giving it a 7/10 for fun. The decision between a six and a seven was challenging; however, the constant entertainment of our school’s talented musicians gives it a bump to a 7. 

In your busy lives moving forward, I hope you can all consider these rankings for your study space choices. Although I ranked Prenatt as the top study space, if you are looking for a relaxing, fun X block, consider a different place, as Belmont Hill has no shortage of suitable study spaces to offer. 

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